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Beginner Tattoo Kit – Single Gun Package

The Alisu Beginner Tattoo Kit is the perfect choice for an apprenticeship or self-taught artist. Everything you need to begin tattooing is included in this set. Comes with 1 powerful coil machine that can be pre-tuned for lining or shading. If you’re looking for a unique gift for the budding artist in your life, this is the perfect option. You don’t need to look any further than our Beginner Tattoo Kit.

1. 1 tattoo machine 10 wrap coils / Working voltage at 7V-10V / Frequency: 120-150 HZ
2. Power Supply System
3. Foot pedal
4. Clip cord
5. Power cord
6. 4 inks 5ml of different colours (red, black, green and purple)
7. Alloy Tattoo grips: 1 piece
8. Tattoo needles: Individually blister packed & pre-sterilized tattoo needles & 10 pieces & sizes at: 3RL and 5RS.
9 Disposable Tattoo tips: 10 pieces / Sizes at: 3R and 5R
10. 5 pieces Medium Tattoo Ink Cups
11. 5 pieces Small Tattoo Ink Cup
12. 10 pieces grommet keep needle steady
13. 10 pieces rubber bands
14. 10 pieces O-rings
15. 1 Set Adjustment tool

Needles, grips and tips:
1. 8 different size disposable Tattoo Grips (3RT, 5RT, 7R,T 9RT, 5FT, 7F,T 9FT, 11FT).
2. 50 Pre-made sterile tattoo needles in assorted sizes (3RL 5RL 7RL 9RL 3RS 5RS 7RS 9RS 5M1 5M2).
3. 2 Colourful Aluminium Alloy Tattoo Grips (Random Colour).
4. 10 Different size 304 Stainless steel tattoo tips, size RL3/5, RL7/9, RL11/14, M5, M7, M9, M11, M13, M15.

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What does “Patayin” mean?

The word “patayin” is of Philippine origin and is a verb meaning to kill or eliminate. Pronounced “pay-thai-yin” we chose this word because it symbolizes an end to the negativity and the birth of hope. Figuratively, whatever path has brought us torment, we will eliminate and destroy. The depression we suffer from and what society has defined as weak, is what actually builds us strong. We use this mind-set against all challenges brought before us as we know we shine brightly under pressure. Because of this unique mind-set we share it had compelled us to create the Patayin Gang brand. Ultimately, to bring a community together that is inclusive, safe and strong. 

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We are truly invested in seeing you succeed. In addition we don’t feel it’s necessary to spend thousands of dollars to achieve it. Being artists ourselves, we understand that every dollar counts. We know the art industry does not bring considerable wealth, we do chose to do it for the love. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of quality tattoo equipment that rival top competitor brands and is competitively priced. Saving you money so can focus more on your craft.

In addition to providing you with top quality products at competitive prices, we also gathered a collection of informative and insightful articles to help you along your way. Thank you for choosing Patayin Gang and welcome to the family.

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